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January 2017

Hello and welcome to my weirdly public online diary where I will talk about my struggles with weight loss and keeping fit. This blog used to be called 'Muddling Through' which I think sums up my approach to life in general:never fully prepared, never quite sure what the hell I am doing but going for it with gusto anyway!

I live in Margate with my son (7 and a half), husband (33 and three quarters) and house bunny Mabel (one-and-a-bit). Last year I started eating much more healthily than I used to and also took up running. I completed my first (and only) 5k fun run in June 2016 and LOVED IT but life has since got in the way. I would love to start running again this year and have resolved to run 20 Parkruns in 2017. I also love love love crochet and do it whenever I can. I may post one or two things about that occasionally :-)

I would also like to reduce my refined sugar intake this year, and plan to make naturally sweet things instead (yeah, I don't know how long that'll last either!) I have started meal planning weekly to spur me on. My lovely blogger friend Helen has started a linky on her blog if you'd care to join me.

I probably have around 5 stone to lose to be within a healthy BMI (if you believe in that stuff) but weight loss comes very slowly for me as not only am I crap at diets but I also have PCOS which makes weight loss a bit slower.

I lost a grand total of ONE STONE in 2016, but the other changes that came with it were probably more valuable - the exercise improved my mood (for the most part) and I managed to get some kind of regularity back with my periods (previously having only had one natural one per year, or thereabouts).

So here we are, new blog name and new focus for 2017.

Amy x

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