Sunday, 15 January 2017

Meal Planning Monday: 16th - 20th Jan 2017

Blueberry porridge squares perfecto for breakfast...-o?

It's that time of the week again folks, Meal Planning Monday *air hoooorn*

The best meal last week was (rather surprisingly) the pasta dish with greens, garlic and chilli. With so few ingredients I thought it would be bland but it was SO tasty! And it was super quick to make, so just the kind of meal you need mid-week. I wasn't so keen on the Classic Burgers we made from Hot Damn and Hell Yeah, but that's probably because I'm not that in to burgers. The coleslaw we made was delicious though!

This week I have been on top of my game and have made some carrot oat balls and some blueberry porridge squares from my Livia's Kitchen cook book. Still not too sure what we'll have for lunch, but I am thinking of knocking up a vat of Spanish rice from a couple of weeks ago to have with salad. 

For dinners we're going to have a couple of old and new favourites, and will be trying some baked tofu for the first time - it looks so delicious!

  • Basic baked tofu from Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra, p 144 with roasted sprouts and shallots from Veg Everyday, p 352
  • Oven roasted ratatouille from Veg Everyday, p362 with brown pasta
  • Chick'n and dumplings from Hot Damn and Hell Yeah, p84 and caramelised carrots with gremolata from Veg Everyday, p 355
  • Fishless fingers (new Quorn vegan range), home made chips and mushy peas
  • Jacket potatoes with beanz and salad

If you fancy seeing what my meals end up looking like this week, follow me on Instagram @crapdieter

See you next Monday for another meal plan!

Pasta with greens (cabbage in our case), chilli and garlic

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  1. I need you to teach me the ways of tofu!! Great sounding meal plan, and those porridge squares look delicious!