Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Beautiful autumn leaves by Kazuend

Another month has gone by without a post, but I'm here now and not really sure what I'm going to say. I'm loving slowly slipping into Autumn though and just love seeing the leaves on the ground and feeling that chilly nip in the air. I am always happier in the colder months.

I have started uni again and have decided to be disciplined this year - I don't want whole weekends swallowed up by my last-minute assignment writing like I did last year. It was torture! I definitely think recent memories of sitting in my dim utility room on the laptop for 48 hrs before my submission deadline is what made me feel so anxious about going back again. I was really panicking through late August and September. Still, I'm back with a bang and have done a running jump into my first assignment of this year.

I am not running right now. I started so well last month but got an injury - I think I did too much too soon and gave myself 'plantar fasciitis' or 'Runner's Heel'. I have rested probably more than I need to but it's starting to feel better now so will try to fit in an easy run soon. I am not beating myself up about it though - there's just no point - I have lots of stuff to fit into my life and running is just one of the less important ones. 

I went to the doctor a few months ago to ask about fertility stuff and was referred back to a specialist at the hospital I have seen before. He was less than impressed with me. The last time I saw him was about two years ago and he told me to lose weight and come back in 4 months. Well for one reason or another that never happened, so going back last week heavier than two years ago and asking for help to lose weight meant he was quite hard on me. 

He told me it was inevitable I was going to get diabetes and 'if it's IVF you're looking for you won't be entitled because you already have a child'. I have never really considered IVF so not sure why he felt the need to say. He told me if I lost weight I 'could reduce my chances of diabetes by up to 60%' and recommended I buy a book about blood sugar by Michael Mosley

Anyway, despite a thorough telling off I got what I went for which was a prescription to Metformin to help me to lose some weight. I have also started a very low calorie diet by having a Superdrug Slenderplan shake for breakfast and lunch (about 200 cals each - unfortunately not vegan) and a bowl of fresh soup in the evening (about 300 cals). I also take a banana to work with me and have one or two cups of tea a day with Stevia sweetners instead of my usual teaspoon of sugar. 

I lost 6lb last week - my first week so I don't expect that to continue - but I am sleeping better and the one Metformin a day so far has meant I haven't felt hungry. I have to start taking a second tablet tomorrow though so fingers crossed the stomach cramps and nausea don't hit me too hard! 

I know this probably sounds drastic but at this point I just want to shed some weight. My life is busy and I can't always fit in exercise. I feel less hungry with more energy doing this, and for me that's vital to sticking to any kind of weight loss regime. I've tried being sensible and I've tried joining a group and it just doesn't work for me - well I find it too hard to stick to and the progress is slow. So this works, at least for now anyway.

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