Monday, 2 May 2016

Meal Planning Monday - 2nd May

Hi everyone! Doing more exercise is making me realise how important it is to eat enough of the good stuff to fuel myself so after a couple of weeks of slap-dashing it I am getting back in the meal planning game.

I am going to make an extra effort to have fruit, yoghurt, oats and seeds again this week. I didn't have it at all last week and I think that contributed to my 'meh'-ness every day. It's obvious but it does set me up for the day. Also I found out that I'm supposed to mill the flax seeds I put on my breakfast every morning otherwise my body can't digest them and get all the nutrients out?! Who knew!

Lunch is still a sticking point with me as I just don't fancy salad anymore...last year I ate LOADS of salad and really enjoyed it but this year...nah. I think I am going to treat myself to some seeded bloomer rolls and have my most favourite sandwich - houmous (hummus?), grilled peppers (the jarred ones), tomatoes, cucumber and spinach. YUM! I may also try to make some kind of cous cous-y thing? Perhaps that will get my lunch mojo back.

I've looked back over the last 6 weeks of my Instagram posts for inspiration and think this will do us just fine this week...

Monday: Roasted sweet potato and chickpea curry with rice
Tuesday: Sausages and roasted veg (butternut squash, potatoes, sweet potato, onion and garlic)
Wednesday: Veggie spaghetti bolognese
Thursday: Burritos or fajitas
Friday: Stir fry with Monday's leftover curry
Saturday: Veggie cottage pie
Sunday: Parents visiting so will probably eat out (poss. a veggie roast!)

My phone is very old and crap now so I am having trouble taking photos of all my meals, but that certainly helps so  I will do my best - the main problem is I have to be online to use the Instagram camera (for some reason the camera app on my phone won't start up) but for that I need the internet and I work in a basement!

Anyway, hope you all have a great week, please share your meal ideas :-)

Amy xx


  1. Sounds like a great plan, I am loving mexican food right now so burittos sound lovely! I am in a total lunch funk right now too, and with upping my days I work I need to sort my self out and try some new things, I am thinking pasta/rice/grains.

    Have a good week xx

    1. Lunch is so's like I focus SOLELY on dinner when I go shopping. That's it. I get home and think...what did I buy for work tomorrow?!