Saturday, 19 March 2016

Weight-Loss Diaries: Week 1 Weigh-In

I have completed the first week of my weight loss journey and I have lost 6 lbs! I am so happy! I can't remember ever losing that much in a week before, it must have really needed to shift. Wahoo!

What I've eaten

Nick and I wrote a meal plan for this week and stuck to it (hooray!)

My breakfast has been variants of the same thing every day - oats, yoghurt, fruit, chia and flax seeds. I have LOVED it and it's filled me up til lunch time. Dried cranberries were a favourite topping this week. I am going to stick with this for breakfast next week too coz it's lovely!

We thought we'd make quinoa for lunch this week but it was all out of stock at the supermarket. Instead we had salad for a couple of days, soup for a couple (Aldi tinned veg soup) and one day of roasted veg and lentils. Nick also sent me to work with plenty of fruit, carrot and cucumber sticks with houmous and a little tub of cashews and almonds. He is very good to me.

I also loved all of the dinners Nick made this week, but I think my favourite was a potato and lentil stew with rosemary and red onion vegan sausages (Linda McCartney). The recipe was from a vegan slow cooker book I bought last year but never used and was so hearty and delicious, and cheap come to think of it.

I usually want something sweet after dinner and we hadn't really planned for that, some evenings I had yoghurt and fruit again which was nice but felt like breakfast. We treated ourselves to hot choc and veggie marshmallows on a couple of nights but the BEST treat was pitted dates dipped in natural peanut butter. Omg it was divine!

If you reeeaaaalllly want to see what I eat every day, I am taking pics to keep a track and uploading them on my weight loss account on Instagram @muddlingfit - see what I did there? ;-)

I have also managed to drink at least 2 litres of water every day and I think that has been key in keeping my hunger at bay.


I have done hardly any exercise this week as I made a decision to concentrate on sorting out my food. I walked about two and a half miles one day whilst at work, but other than that it's been a 'normal' week for me. I bought a pedometer today and from MondayI'm going to challenge myself to take 10,000 steps for 30 days.

Weirdly, I am beginning to look forward to exercising regularly, I think the success of this week is helping me to change my mindset and it feels good to be making these healthy decisions for myself.

I also made a weight loss journal which has really helped me to keep motivated, I bought some more stickers today to make it pretty (I know, it's sad, I don't care).  I think I will dedicate another post to it some time.

I am off to make my second vlog now, you can subscribe to my channel on YouTube if you would like to see me awkwardly talking into a camera lens. But if not, see you next time!

Amy x

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