Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Start of Something

Last night I discovered Amy and her YouTube channel, She Cooks She Eats and OMG - I seriously think I have found my spiritual doppelganger.

Amy has worked really bloody hard over the last 24 months to lose weight and she documents her journey with a weekly weight-loss vlog. She is so honest and lovely and I feel like I have finally found someone online who suffers the same struggles as me to do with dieting and motivation and confidence. I have been inspired not only because she has lost weight but because one way or another she keeps going and one of her main goals is to treat herself better and get healthy - physically and emotionally.

I have been seeking inspiration for ages and running out of places to look, but I can't tell you how happy I am that I typed 'weight loss diaries' into YouTube yesterday and found Amy's channel. I have been utterly inspired and I've decided to start my own weight-loss vlog. This is the first time I've ever appeared on YouTube and it's a bit daunting, especially as I'm publishing my weight and such on there, but I feel it necessary at this point to commit to myself and this seems like the next natural step to take as I dabble in the bloggerverse at the moment anyway.

I've put together an action plan for success (at least, I think it should work!) so in no particular order I am going to...

1. Write a meal plan and stick to it - A blogger friend of mine Nelly's Cupcakes has a 'Meal Planning Monday' feature on her blog which I am going to steal and use to take over the world. Or at least plan what to eat each week, much of a muchness.

2. Record what I am doing and how I am feeling - By keeping a weight-loss journal! I have a lovely notebook and some ideas I pinched from this video so I will update you with my thing of wonder when it has been created. I also saw a tip to take lots of progress photos so I will defo be doing this as whilst I think I will hate them to begin with I know it will be good to see before photos when the time comes.

3. Set small goals- I think, given the rate I lose weight, my goals should be in 3lb intervals, but I'll have to see how I get on! And that brings us to...

4. Exercise. As much as I hate to admit it. - I have signed up to do a 5K Colour Run in June to raise money for the charity I work for - this is a good fitness goal that is achievable as long as I exercise regularly. This is going to be very difficult for me as I really don't enjoy exercise and am very bad at motivating myself to do it! I feel awful for saying it but seeing Amy struggle with her running so much in the beginning was actually quite a comfort to me as I thought I was the only one who hated it! But it was also great to see she did start to feel good about it. Eventually. Nick has wanted us to join in with the Margate Park Run for ages now and I am considering starting the NHS Couch to 5k plan BUT I am going to concentrate on food first coz that's my biggest problem at the mo. I am giving myself til the 1st of April before I torture myself with exercise.

5. Weigh myself weekly ONLY - I am highly likely to become despondent if the scales don't show a loss every.time.I.weigh. And let's be honest - that definitely isn't going to happen if I weigh in every day! When on a diet I tend to focus so heavily on what the scales say I give up pretty quickly when I don't get to goal by day 7. This is stupid because a) slowly forwards is better than staying still and b) I have PCOS and weight loss will always be slow. Weekly weigh ins are enough.

6. Look after myself in other ways, too - Paint my nails. have a bath, do my hair, wear nice make up, dress up - doing these things helps me to feel good and despite what I tell myself on the bad days, I am still good enough as a fat person to wear nice clothes. Also smoothing my hair out and putting eyeliner on helps an untold amount with being able to face the world.

7. Continue to see my counsellor - this is something that I can't really afford but does me good. My emotional well-being has a massive impact on how I feel about myself and how I treat my body and I think it would  be short-sighted to stop seeing my counsellor at this stage. Also I think she may be able to help me to stay focused in some way, so I will ask her about that.

8. Sleep more - Nick always laughs when I say I feel like my natural bedtime is around 10pm because I stay up til the early hours more than I care to admit, usually binge-watching YouTube videos or documentaries or reading blogz. Functioning at life on 2hrs sleep is crapola.

9. Motivate myself every day because nobody is going to do it for me. - I have put this little list together for this:

I am doing this because I want to...
...get my face back nice clothes
...make my own clothes  - believe it or not most standard patterns stop at size 18 - FML!
...enjoy the good things in my life
...stop feeling bad about myself
...stop comparing myself to others
...avoid diabetes
...get my periods back

10. Treat myself - I have no problem with this one, I love shopping! Haha!

So there you go - alls that's left to do is all that stuff and I'll be there before I know it (!)

Until next time, check out my shiny new YouTube channel and let me know what you think of my first vlog!

Lots of love
Amy xx


  1. You are so awesome, and I will be reading/watching and cheering you on every step of the way. Amy is fantastic, I love her blog and vlogs. Good luck and give me a shout if you need anything xx

    1. Thank you Nelly! I am feeling v motivated at the moment but actually quite missing something sweet after dinner coz I love pudding. Do you have any recommendations? I have yoghurt for breakfast so not really fancying that at the mo... x