Saturday, 26 March 2016

HDYGG? // Hyacinths + Lots of buds

I had to get out to the garden this weekend and show you how the hyacinths I potted in October are blooming. I am so proud! There's also lots going on with the shrubs in the border and my plum tree is budding again - so exciting! I love the anticipation of a bud that's ready to burst into shapes and colours.

It's lovely to take a break from studying to wander around the garden, pondering the way you plant an ugly oniony looking bulb in the ground and a few months later a beautiful flower pops up to say hello.

How does your garden grow?

Amy xx


  1. Spring is here! My garden has lots of little wildflowers popping up and I love it.

  2. I'm with you on that - it's mind boggling to see how the dull looking bulbs emerge into such beautiful blooms! Hyacinths are such lovely- the scent they give is heavenly :)

    Thanks for joining in - have a great Easter weekend x

  3. it amazes me the effort a bulb makes to produce such a lovely bloom

  4. So much lovely spring beauty, a much needed tonic from the very wet and windy week we have had.