Monday, 15 February 2016

Very Cherry Cardigan

In a bid to rockabilly-up my wardrobe, I thought I'd add a couple of cherry appliques to a slightly unloved green cardi of mine. This project is quick and easy for those familiar with crochet, and it only uses double stitches (US) and chains. From start to finish you could have this done within the hour!

To crochet the cherries, I used this pattern by Next to Nicx but changed it slightly as I needed them to be bigger, so I used acrylic double knit yarn and a 3.5mm hook.

Here's my version of Nicola's pattern...

With red yarn, make two cherries:

Chain 3 and slip stitch to make a (tiny) ring
Chain 3 and dc 14 into the ring, sl st to join and fasten off.
Repeat for second cherry

With green yarn, make the leaves and stalks:

Ch 16
Starting with the second ch from the hook *hdc, dc in next 2, tr in next, dc in next 2, hdc* sl st into next chain and repeat from * to *
When you come to the end, turn and repeat from * to * so the leaves become oval shaped.
Fasten off.

Join green yarn to a cherry with a sl st.
Ch 8 and sl st into the centre of the leaves
Ch 10 and sl st to the second cherry.
Fasten off and sew in ends.

I attached the cherries to my cardigan with fusible web because I am so crap at sewing! But it's worked fine and has given this cardi the face lift it needed :-)


  1. It certainly brightens up the cardi so pretty

  2. Wow that is perfect, and has really jazzed it up.

    1. Thank you! It definitely needed a bit of jazz! :-)

  3. I've never thought about adding appliques to shirts, just hats and bags. Great idea to dress up something plain!

    1. Thank you Jessy! I got the idea from seeing some of my style icons with lovely kitsch brooches on their cardis - only this is a bit more permanent for a cardigan that needs properly cheering up!

  4. They look great. Welcome to Handmade Monday, it's lovely to have you join us xx