Thursday, 11 February 2016

The devil takes a hand in what is done in haste

What a day! After a hectic weekend of family weddings and cake making, I was hoping this week would be somewhat quieter. I was kidding myself, of course, because I had another wedding cake to make today - Thursday - a weekday. Midweek occasions never fail to throw me! I admit I am not the world's most organised person which doesn't help to counter impending catastrophes, but today was ridiculous.

Running behind and late for work (I took the morning off to deliver the cake) I grabbed my shiny new cupcake tower (seven tiers no less) still boxed from delivery last week. My feet haven't touched the ground for long enough to have a proper look at it but I knew it would look fan-bloody-tastic with 60 cupcakes on, all in purple cases, and a matching top cake to boot.

After loading the car, I rushed out the door and arrived at the venue slightly flustered. The receptionists just stood and watched me struggle through the heavy wooden doors with arms full of boxes and I felt a hot flush of annoyance flood over me. Finding the room, all decorated and gorgeous, I sat upon the floor next to the cake table and took my scissors to the plastic wrapping around my new stand. It was... wait... this isn't right, I didn't order a cardboard one!


I grabbed the pieces of seemingly wooden acrylic and stared in awe. Then I realised... both the front AND back of each piece (19 of them!!!!) were covered in thin but extremely well stuck on brown paper sticky back plastic type stuff. I frantically picked at it, unable to find an edge to grip on to and any time I managed to pull it away it tore like an annoying sale label on the box of a gift.

I could have cried. I was already running late, it was 2hrs 'til the ceremony and I was seriously under pressure. I silently berated myself for not unpacking the stand when it arrived last week, but I honestly thought the brown I saw was pieces of cardboard in between each piece to protect them! I reverted to a 6 year old and almost shouted "It's not FAIR!"

As I was sat, hurriedly trying to peel off the first side, the door opened behind me. I felt the colour drain from my face - it was the mother of the bride. "Hiya! Holly's sent me down to take a photo of the cake!"


"Ohh... great, yes! It's nearly ready! Just having a bit of trouble with my cake stand HA HA HA!

I sounded like a maniac. The shakes set in as I desperately clawed at the sticky brown paper of doom, and mother swept around the room with her iPad pointed at the tables, the balloons, the place cards. I considered running away changing my number and starting a new life in Borneo. I was mortified! But I carried on, and prayed like the Atheist I am that things would be alright.

Always unsatisfied with my work, I stood at the slightly shorter than planned cupcake tower (I had to stop trying to get the backing of the poxy pieces at some point) with a look of deep disappointment.

There's nothing I can do now... I just have to sit tight and wait to hear whether my cupcake tower of death ruined a wedding or not.

I hope your Thursday has been somewhat better than mine!

Amy x

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