Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Textile Rebels + Mrs Booth

Margate sustained it's first yarn bomb over the Valentine's weekend as the town's first stealthy craft collective TEXTILE REBELS made their debut all over Mrs Booth.

The 12-foot bronze shell lady was crafted by artist Ann Carrington and is named after William Turner's lover and landlady Mrs Booth, whose house once stood where the Turner Contempory sits now, with spectacular views over the harbour and into the briney sea.

Turner would stay at Mrs Booth's whilst he painted his famous landscapes and they eventually became lovers, until his death in 1851.

Shell ladies are one of Margate's hallmark souvenirs, and Mrs Booth is gazing out to sea as if waiting for Turner to return to her.

When the Textile Rebels were deciding on their first project, Valentine's was the closest event and coincided wonderfully with half term. It didn't take long to decide that Mrs Booth should be the centre of this installation, with her love story set in our very own Margate.

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