Sunday, 10 January 2016

Love Bomb

The highlight of this week has got to be finding a brand new local yarn bombing group, and attending its first meeting on Thursday night. I have wanted to join a guerrilla craft group like this for ages so I leapt at the chance to join in! 

The meeting was held in the back room of a fab new pub in Margate called The London Tavern. I went along with my friend Angelo and felt very cool rubbing shoulders with a bunch of creative types as we plotted the first of many yarn bombs this year. Of course I am sworn to secrecy which I appreciate is probably quite annoying for you, dear reader, but all will literally be revealed soon. I can say it'll be LOVE-ly though - ha ha he he! 

I crocheted this HUGE heart using the lovely Jacquie's Sunburst Granny Heart pattern. I have serious blog envy for Jacquie, her posts are always so bright and cheery and I just love all her creations! I used two yarns at the same time to make this heart extra big, and a 4mm hook. 

I have an assignment due on the 18th Jan so I am trying to get the thing finished by tomorrow evening so I can have a breather for a week before the next workshop at university. Until next time! 

Amy xx

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