Monday, 4 January 2016

Feliz año neuvo!

Happy new year from sunny (/rainy) Margate! We are just back from a week in Benidorm and how lovely and warm it was. A massive difference to the gloom and drizzle back here in Blighty. Still, home sweet home and all that - and back to work tomorrow!

For the first time we have a family resolution - which probably means we can enjoy failing three times instead of one - but it is to learn Spanish. My aunty and uncle live there and we were so impressed at their fluency having only started to learn about six years ago, as adults. If they can do it, surely we can too?! Perhaps the fact we're not surrounded by Spanish people will hinder us but hey ho, I am up for a try.

2016 is the year I will finish my first year at university. I thought the time had passed for me to further my education (well formally anyway, I'm still enrolled at the School of Life o'course) but I am in this lovely whirlwind of full-time everything - mum, support worker, student, wife. Well, perhaps I could definitely be a more full-time wife, Nick definitely doesn't very much of my time, patience or attention... #badwife

I set some resolutions last year - to read more, learn to cross-stitch, learn to sew... I've forgotten the rest, but as usual things didn't go quite to plan. I spent a lot of time worrying and feeling really, really low, thinking there wasn't much use in me. But as I think about the year that's passed I realise there was a lot of good stuff in 2015, too. Would you like to know? Oh, alright then...

*deep breath*

I reduced my hours at work, re-started my cake business and made LOADS of cakes, completed an NVQ, wrestled with motherhood, went to South Wales, bought a second-hand DSLR camera and sort of learnt to use it, celebrated my first year of marriage, met David Gedge, went back to full-time hours at work, cross-stitched a tiny motif (and that's it), got into university (and miraculously got a distinction on my first assignment - go me!), planted loads and loads of bulbs in the garden, went to two Vegan festivals, found myself a counsellor and attended every week even though it was tough, bought a new car, started walking to work, adopted a bunny rabbit (canaja is the Spanish for rabbit, in case you were wondering), crocheted myself a hat AND got a promotion at work.

Bloody Nora.

That might sound like one massive brag, but to be quite truthful it's a complete blur. I don't feel like any of it has sunk in yet and in fact, if there's one thing I would like to do in 2016 it's a bit less. That's probably a bit naïve of me given my cuatro-full-time-ness, but if I could just concentrate on a few less things and give them more of my time I think I might be happier. Doing all that stuff has meant I have lacked in other areas of my life, too. I spent less time with my husband and son, stopped caring about my physical health and I leave 2015 feeling as if I did too much as a bit of a distraction from my feelings about myself.

In 2016 I would like to do more of what matters to me, and Archie and Nick. Fingers crossed I can pull it off!

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