Saturday, 24 October 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow? // Wilting Away is Beautiful, too

Something I have never paid attention to before is the beauty in a flower wilting and dying away. The shriveling of petals and change in colours and shape is fascinating and I can't help but think it's a flower's last moment of glory even though it is mostly overlooked. I am enjoying taking photographs of the flowers I was so excited to see blossom just a few weeks ago, like my brave little anemone. 

And I almost pulled this out during our rampage last week, but noticed seconds before little spots of yolky yellow peeking out. I am not sure what it'll be, but I planted it at the same time as the gladioli bulbs and I think it might be a variety of them. 

The fuschia is doing really well, especially since we moved it and it has more space. I wonder though, will it grow much taller? It's very small at the moment with the flowers almost touching the soil.

Mabel's been enjoying a rogue pot of lamb's lettuce and the spiders have grown big and plump now. They sit slap bang in the middle of their webs, guarding them with a stillness as if they're playing musical statues.

The rest is yet more of the snails I love discovering, succulents and my new fixation with cyclamen... Hope you enjoy them and have had a lovely week.

Mammsaurus HDYGG


  1. Who ever coined the phrase 'it's a dogs life' obviously hadn't met Mabel! Apart from the web action (which freaks me out after face planting a few this week) I love all of these, the succulent planter especially!
    Thank you for joining in again x

    1. Hahaha oh no! I would hate to go face first into a spider's web! I.had a few near misses out there yesterday though... I sometimes wish I could watch myself taking photos of the spiders because I want to get close enough for detail but I'm actually quite afraid of them touching me!! haha
      And yes, we've only had her a few weeks but Mabel is already ruling the roost here! Xx

  2. I love the fuchsias, when i was little i would pretend they were ballerinas and dance with them in my nan's garden

    1. Aww that's so cute! They are def the ballerinas of the flower kingdom! :-)