Thursday, 1 October 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow? // Mabel and the Red Gladiolus

I started to write this post on Tuesday because I was so excited for this weeks link up! Firstly, I've FINALLY learnt to take photos on the Manual control of my camera! This may sound like a small thing, but let me tell you it's been bothering me for months that I could only seem to get decent photos on Auto. The second reason I'm super excited about this week's post is that we've got a new addition to our little family...

Mabel the Lionhead Bunny! She is so cute and fluffy. And there's no way I will miss a day in the garden now she's around - win/win!

In fact when I went out on Tuesday morning to see how she was doing after her first night, I discovered a beautiful deep red gladiolus had started to bloom. I hadn't even noticed it was there! Honestly, if you ever want Christmas more than once in the year just plant a load of bulbs and forget what they are and where you put them!

Some of my photographs are a bit grainy, I am still getting used to the ISO settings, they're on Auto at the mo but I think they sometimes are a bit too high. Anyway back to the garden... Another day went by and the gladiolus had come right out. It's gorgeous...

I am growing so fond of the baby snails in our garden. By rights I should dislike them for eating my flowers but I just can't get enough of their tiny, perfectly formed shells and their ability to reach the most delicate of resting places.

I'm less afraid of spiders this year, too. I think my journey to veganism has made me much more accepting of creepy crawlies in general and, whilst I'd prefer them not to touch me just yet, I am suddenly drawn to the spider's incredible web-making skills and the detailed markings on their legs and bodies.

As well as the spiders and the snails, my garden still seems full of colourful flowers. My walk to the school in the morning is littered with beautiful brown and red leaves, I'd always associated autumn with these earthy hues but our garden is still giving us bright orange, pink and blue. I hope you enjoy the rest of my photos from this weeks snoop around our garden. How does your garden grow?

Mammsaurus HDYGG

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