Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Alphabet Photography Project // A is for Amusements

I went for a stroll along the Pier at Herne Bay for the first time today. It was gloriously sunny and the Helter Skelter perched at the end was glittering in the bright sunshine. I couldn't resist a few snaps as a child clambered to the top and whizzed her way down on her small straw matt.

Thanks to Charly for this fab linky! 


  1. What a glorious photo. I love the helter skelter against the blue sky, just fabulous! Thank you so much for joining in, there's a new letter live every Wednesday and open until the following Tuesday #alphabetphoto

    1. Thanks for reading Charly! The sky was so beautiful on Sunday, the helter skelter just sang out against it! :-)