Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mabel the Lionhead Bunny

Look who has come to live with us! 

This is Mabel, our Lionhead bunny! She's ten weeks old and looks rather like a guinea pig at certain angles. She joined us on Monday after I popped in to our local pet superstore to see how much a run was. 

Hmm, where could she be?
I made my way through the store, eyeing the hay and toys when at the very back and all alone, Mabel was waiting to be adopted. I was told she was the last of her set to go so they pretty much moved her to the bargain bin. I couldn't leave her! I asked to have a hold and that was it. She was coming with me. After checking if she'd be ok as a singleton, we trundled off home so Mabel could get acquainted with her new abode.

We had intended on adopting a pair from our local rescue charity, but after trying to get hold of someone for a few weeks, and finally going there and knocking on the door only to be ignored I gave up. 

I have since felt a bit regretful for supporting a big pet business instead of rescuing from a charity. I know deep down they don't really care about the animals and I am sorry for giving them my money. But I guess Mabel needs a good home too? 

I was told by the adviser that whilst they're in that tank at the back they're not let out to run. He said bunnies like her wait for an average of a week before they find a family but it could be up to a month. Perhaps I am just trying to make myself feel better, but she's here now so there's not much use in worrying about it anymore - I'm hardly going to take her back!

She seems to be settling in well and I've just seen her use the ladder slope in her hutch for the first time :-) Go Mabel! I hope over the next few weeks she'll get used to the place and will learn to trust us. I can't wait to see her grow! 

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