Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Vegan Lotus Biscoff Cupcakes

I've been grappling with veganism for a few months now. I went veggie last March after watching 'Earthlings' and I was so shocked I stopped dairy and eggs for a month too. I found that month quite difficult, partly because I didn't plan my stint with veganism but mainly because I had absolutely no idea how to nourish myself with a vegan diet. To be honest, I didn't really know how to nourish myself with a meat-eaters diet either, but that's another story.

After weeks of worry and anguish, poring over labels and eating incomplete meals (my husband refused to go veggie and I was wary of converting my son without knowing fully what I was doing) I decided to go easy on myself and just 'do my best'. I have been a committed vegetarian since, and I have considerably reduced my egg and dairy consumption too. My husband decided to give the vegetarian lifestyle a try in January and life has been so much easier! Since then we have enjoyed a healthy and wholesome diet and I have cooked more than ever before. Of course we have our unhealthy days and weeks, but all in all we are eating a much more green diet.

Despite making the switch to soy or almond milk quite early on, I have struggled with avoiding dairy all together - I LOVE CHOCOLATE - and whilst eggs aren't a favourite food of mine I do love cake and of course my baking business means I do still use eggs in my baking. To help with this, I bought Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World a few weeks ago and finally tried a recipe at the weekend.

I started at the beginning and gave the 'Golden Vanilla' cupcake recipe a go. I was a bit daunted by the list of ingredients but I think this is a mind-set thing - I forget sometimes that my fridge is full of veg now and I don't buy cow's milk anymore! I needed to buy apple cider vinegar but I had everything else in my kitchen already. Well, except I forgot to buy cornflour and plain flour which meant my cupcakes were slightly stodgy and the top was a bit crispy, but the next day they had softened so it wasn't all bad. I bought some plain flour yesterday so I am going to give the recipe another try this week.

Lotus Biscoff biscuits are delicious and vegan, and I have recently bought the Biscoff spread so I knew exactly what to top these little sponges off with. I mixed a massive spoon of Biscoff spread with some dairy free spread and icing sugar to make some 'butter' cream. Add one delicious Lotus biscuit and Bob's your uncle!

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