Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Lucky in Canterbury

It was Nick's birthday yesterday so we each took a day off work and went to Canterbury. I have had my eye on The Lady Luck for a couple of years, I love me a slightly sweaty rock pub, but (despite my heavy hinting to Nick) I still haven't been for a night out in Canterbury yet. So when I found out last week they not only did veggie but VEGAN bar food I knew exactly where I was taking Nick for his birthday lunch - because Nick's birthday is all about me, obvs! Just kidding (sort of). 

We went for a test drive in the morning and by the lunchtime we were really hungry, which I think can be as bad as it is good when you're going somewhere new for lunch. The hunger clouds judgment and before you know it irrational indecisiveness has set in and you're hangry and I was so excited to find there was in fact a selection of vegan menu choices, not just one thing, and I ummed and ahhhhed over what to choose. Oh the exquisite hardship of choice!!!

After much deliberation I went for the veggie chilli and potato wedges with a delicious strawberry soya shake. What a treat! And for extra gold stars I couldn't believe how clean and tidy it was in there, like I said I love a bit of a grungy pub so had prepared myself for food to match, but the place was bloody spotless (even the loos were gleaming) and the food was SO delicious! A winner, I say. A rock pub I'd take my mum to.  

If you're ever in Canterbury and want a cool place to eat, with friendly staff and a crackin' menu - definitely don't pass The Lady Luck by.  We're definitely going back!

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