Monday, 16 February 2015

Emma the Bunny

This weekend I made my first crochet toy from the lovely book 'Edward's Menagerie' by Kerry Long.

I was browsing crochet books on Amazon last year and added this one to my wishlist without a second thought, the little stuffed animals are so cute! My husband bought it for me for my birthday after employing a bit of my trademark subtle hinting for things I reaaaaaaally want. It involves bringing the thing up on my phone screen then holding the phone out with my elbow at full lock in his general direction. I then say the words "I'd LOVE this. I REALLY LIKE IT!" a few times. It works sometimes, give it a go.

As with most of the books I receive as gifts or buy, I give them an amount of time on my bookshelf before I pick them up. I see it as a type of maturing of the book, an initiation to the shelf before it is read. In other words, I usually get a book before I have thought through exactly when I'll have the time to read it and it sits there for a few months before I have a chance to have a flick through. But still.. maturing sounds better.

The news of two friends expecting babies this year has only heightened by crojo and I knew exactly what I was going to make for their little bundles of joy. Cue Edward's Menagerie and me being completely spoiled with choice. Although I consider myself an intermediate crocheter, I thought it best to start from the beginning and picked the very first pattern in the book as my first project Emma the Bunny.

In true Muddling Through style I of course did not have enough of the yarn I started with, so poor Emma has ended up with a patchy nose and stripey ears and limbs. She's still pretty though. I do struggle with sewing on the facial features (well, sewing in general is always a bit of an ordeal for me) and I still haven't really got a technique for attaching pieces to eachother.

Emma's head sort of leans down to the front and to the side, but I think it gives her a sweet little nod. I also over stuffed her tummy (story of my life) so she's a bit more upright than she should be.

Faults aside I loved making this little bunny and I hope she'll be very happy with her new owner in a few months time. And nobody can say she's not unique! :-)

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