Monday, 9 February 2015

Actually Sewing with an Actual Sewing Machine

OMG.  I finally got my Christmas present out of it's box after being too afraid of ballsing it up. You see, even though I have wanted a sewing machine forever the fear of stringing it up wrong (technical term) kept me from taking the proverbial plunge. I was also scared of making a pig's ear of whatever project I tried to do because sewing is something I am dying to be really good at.  I don't want to blag it. I even bought myself a sewing book in preparation for the grand un-boxing of my shiny new toy, but I still felt I'd do it an injustice.

But this weekend I decided I'd been looking at those ill-fitting curtains for too long and, with a dramatic flail of my arms I shouted 'NAY!' and made for under the table in the utility room where my sewing machine has lived since about 5pm on Christmas day. I've gotta be honest, I was scared. Especially when I unfolded ALL the instructions. But once my double-vision cleared it was quite easy to thread the thing and get going. 

I threaded it, yay!

So I pinned my curtains up and ironed them so they were nice and neat, and away I went. Like a straight-stitching crackerjack I am. I actually took up our actual curtains. With my sewing machine. By myself. And I didn't balls it up! Hooray!

I'm itching to try something else now, but what to choose? I have some tweed left over from when I had AJ's waistcoat made for our wedding which would make a nice cushion cover (I thought it'd be a nice keepsake too?) and a about half a metre of floral fabric left over from when I lined my wedding suitcase. I have masses of bunting though so any other ideas of what to make with it would be much appreciated!


  1. Well done to you! The cushion cover sounds like a lovely idea :)

    1. Haha thank you! *pats self on the back*