Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Sunny Saturday Afternoon in Deal

Deal has a lovely long, flat pathway all along its coast which is just perfect for scootering five- year-olds. We spent yesterday afternoon cruising along the sea front, stopping for a delicious lunch at The Lane and acquiring a nice little booty of books (boo-ky?) from the Oxfam charity book shop. If I'm browsing charity shops can't help but buy second hand books, I think it's an illness. Although I'm quite proud of not buying any for myself, I am trying very hard to stick to my 'read ten books off my bookshelf' resolution. I also treated myself to an entirely unneccessary set of heart-shaped measuring cups and AJ spotted some rocket lolly moulds in the Retro Cookshop

On the way back to our car AJ had mastered his two-wheeled technique and was bravely attempting to turn himself around without having to get off. Not bad considering he has been a committed three-wheeler up til now! 

The pebbled coastline is littered with beach huts, boats and fishing equipment,which makes for a lovely photo opportunity if you're that way inclined, so here is a few pics from our sunny Saturday afternoon in Deal. 

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